These daily things subtly affect our mood and energy more than we realise

by Chaitali

Have you ever noticed that certain things suddenly make you feel energized while even a relatively small news affects your general mood? Or maybe while scrolling through social media endlessly leaves you feeling bored, drained and just blah? Then again talking to someone who understands you, just uplifts you immediately?

Well this happens more often than we realise. These subtle changes have immense power over us. When channelled and utilised, it can empowers us to live more consciously. More like getting into the driver’s seat. However, when left unchecked, we slowly lose control and turn puppet to the winds of these energy changes. Marketers and advertisers use these to induce certain feelings in us. Some ads make us feel happy, hopeful and touch us in a way, that we tend to associate those feelings with the brand and buy them.  

Sounds unbelievable?  According to quantum science, the smallest change has the ability to create a massive movement. Much like how a stone when thrown into the lake causes ripples across or like a small kidney stone can leave you in unbearable pain. 

So how do we use these changes to our betterment?

Energy changes that also cause mood variations, are great indicators of what is working for us and what’s not. It is our body’s way of communicating with us on a daily basis. Most of us aren’t able to decode this unless of course our body reacts to food causing allergies or dust causing us breathlessness. 

Here’s what affects our energy daily:


We are what we eat. Notice how you feel when you ingest certain foods. When we consume too much food or oily stuff, we often feel lethargic. Similarly, our body reacts to everything we eat. Some items make us feel subtly happy while some give a buzz in the head like alcohol which leaves us drained later. Each body is different and hence it is important to take notice of what happens in our body regularly. You’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t.


How do you feel when you enter a room where people are quarrelling? And how do you feel when you go to a restaurant with your close friends? You’ll usually notice the energy shifts. In the same way, being around certain people can drain us or uplift us. It is not that some people are good or bad, it is the individual energy that either matches ours or doesn’t. Much like birds of a feather flock together..why? Cause their energy levels match. Also, we become like the people we spend our time with. 


What we read, watch and generally tune into affects our energy levels greatly. If we consume negative news like how people are robbed, or how crimes are being committed or in general the sad state of affairs, then we become anxious. Our mind can’t differentiate between reality and make-belief. Hence, when we consume negative information, our body gets into fight or flight mode. Prolonged exposure to such news can hamper our mind and body alike due to excess secretion of hormones. The opposite is also true. Imagine taking a break from technology and spending a few days in nature. Sure, you can’t always be in hermit mode but we can curtail our information consumption or choose to tune in more to what works best for us.

Once we are aware of what affects us and how, we can begin to alter our daily life as per what suits us. Each person is different, hence, tuning into our own energy and noticing the changes can deeply empower us individually. We can begin by bringing plants into the house or spending time in the park regularly, spending time alone to get know ourselves better or even consciously observing our environment. 

The mantra is to attune ourselves to the language of our body and live in an empowered sync! 

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